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Bimbo Boo-boos

No, this isn’t mistakes by ladies of the night. Bimbo Bread, which used to be based in Mexico, has been quietly buying up a lot of old line bakery names, such as Orowheat, Thomas (English muffins), Boboli (pizza flats), Enteman’s … Continue reading

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Half a Loaf Buffet

Warren Buffet’s got an interesting op ed in the Wall Street Journal this morning about using the earned income tax credit to lift folks out of poverty. But, he went only part way. Businesses will normally pay whatever they think … Continue reading

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Memo to Chrysler: Better Benchmark the Chyrsler 200

I recently had a Chrysler 200 for about a week while my Lincoln was being repaired (a LOL ran into the driver side door), and here are some thoughts ( I have some expertise in the field, having been a … Continue reading

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Do You Know When It’s Time to Hire Professionals?

There’s a great article on Chobani, the Greek yogurt pioneer, and it’s founder, who almost lost it all because he didn’t build a structure of competent professionals to help him manage the business. But, the big question the article didn’t … Continue reading

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The Rise of the CEO Support Group

ceo groups are a useful tool in the ceo’s toolbox Continue reading

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In Defense of NSA Surveillance

This isn’t strictly speaking a business comment, unless your business gets blown up by a terrorist, as happened in the Charlie Hebdo bombings. However, the increased NSA¬†surveillance practices that were passed in the aftermath of 2001` are coming up for … Continue reading

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Bimbo Customer Service

Yeah, that’s right: Bimbo Customer Service, or what passes for customer service. There is¬† Bimbo Baking Company, which bought Orowheat Baking Company of San Francisco, which makes my favorite bread, Honey Wheat Berry. Now, this is the bread on which … Continue reading

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