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A Caution on Sexual Harassement Claims

Over the last couple of weeks, we imagine that many of you are digging out your employment manuals to refresh what they say on handling sexual harrassement claims. We’ve noticed, starting with Judge Moore, that there’s a notable reported lack … Continue reading

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CEOs are watching TV for biz answers?

About a month ago (we’re a little behind) there was an article in the Wall St. Journal about business owners and CEOs watching certain television shows, as having something useful to say about the running of a company. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Profiles in No Courage No. 2

It’s humorous watching the Washington Dimms scurry for cover as the stuff related to uranium goes through the fan. Why in the world did these people think that they wouldn’t eventually get found out, even if by accident? Same thing … Continue reading

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Clearing Off the Desk

Economic thoughts Continue reading

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Diary of Wimpy CEOs

Since the Donald was elected, we now seem to have four heads of public companies who have resigned from the Manufacturing Council, presumably because they don’t like his politics. Are these guys nuts? He could use their input on manufacturing … Continue reading

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Tax Reform

Now that Johnny Mac has blown the healthcare reform out of the water until the next Congress, we can get back to subjects we’re more comfortable with on business. The next order of business for the Washington Wizards is tax … Continue reading

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Profile in Courage

You can’t help but think Sen John McCain is one tough mother. Plane crashes, torture, visits to the Hanoi Hilton. Walking across the Senate to vote ‘aye’ on proceeding to debate two days after brain cancer surgery, with a nasty … Continue reading

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So Pass It Already, Repubs

I went back to my 7/26 post before writing this, so I wouldn’t duplicate anything I’d said back then. We are now about two weeks after the initial wave of good feeling, and the five holdouts, and it seems that … Continue reading

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Senate Repubs, Let’s Get to Yes on Healthcare

Good lord, the radio airwaves and the newspapers over the weekend were filled with various opinions on what the Republicans should do on the Senate version of the House bill. There are five Republican holdouts, and I must say that … Continue reading

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Uber: What You Can Learn

Well, Uber, to start with, has its founder on leave and most or allĀ of the C-suite has been dismissed from the company by the Board of Directors. Pretty sorry situation, but in hindsight, there are some lessons that could probably … Continue reading

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