Back in the Saddle

I’ve been out of commission for about a month, because of injuries sustained in a fall, but I’m able to sit at my desk, and do posts. There are a bunch of things to comment on, which I’ll try to get to.

  1. The mainstream media really is nuts. You would think that the owners would realize that they’re missing half of the market and adopt a more fair and balanced approach.
  2. Trump does much better abroad, where he doesn’t trip over his message with tweets and other bad acts; maybe there’s a message in there for his domestic behavior.
  3. We in the business community would much rather have tax cuts now and tax reform later. Show us the money.
  4. Obamacare is a mess, and we think the Trump folks would do better by just letting it fail, and have the replacement plan ready to go. We don’t care what they call it. Trumpcare is odd, but ok.
  5. Let the legislative process work on Trumpcare. Senate and House don’t like to have their procedures messed with. It’ll get modified in the Senate and done.
  6. The investigation into Susan Rice’s intelligence screw-ups are much more interesting than the Russia probe. How can the special prosecutor be refocused?
  7. LTGEN Flynn should just appear before the appropriate committee, answer their questions and take his medicine. That’s what flag officers are supposed to do. He looks evasive taking the fifth.
  8. Find out who the hell the leaker in the White House is, expose him or her, prosecute same and be done with it. Why is this so hard?
  9. It’s apparent that all the senior people in the agencies need to be reinterviewed for their jobs about four levels down by real NCIS investigators, and anybody found wanting put on suspension pending further investigation. Looks like Sessions has done it in the AG’s office and Mattis and Tillerson need to do it at Defense and State.
  10. Lastly, have Trump do his own pressers, about every two weeks. He likes it, and nobody sells programs like the Donald.

So, that’s it for now. I’m sure there will be more oddities.

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The Real American HealthCare Act

Well, how many of us hasn’t botched the first version of a product or service rollout. We think that’s what the House did Friday.

So, it’s back to the salt mines to craft a new one. A standalone bill free of phases and the mickey mouse spending strictures that the old bill had.

So, here are the things that we in the business community think we would like to see if a bill. They aren’t in any order of importance.

  1. No mandatory purchase of healthcare insurance by businesses or individuals, period, and no purchasing of insurance just ahead of a major medical event. Kids from 21-35 think they’re bulletproof, and wouldn’t generally buy.
  2. Health savings accounts with no cap on them, fully tax deductible. If a wealthy hedge fund manager in New York wants to buy a plan and covers everything with zero deductible for his family. then he can do that. On the other hand, an average mix of insurance products for a family of four in Illinois might look a lot different. Funds deposited in one year can roll over to another year.
  3. The key is that everyone wanting insurance is going to have a different mix of services on their plan, which is easy to figure out through a portal in each state.
  4. If an insured doesn’t like his rates in Rhode Island, he can access a exchange in Illinois. All the exchanges have multiple carriers, but like auto insurance, in some states there are only a few carriers who want to write insurance.
  5. Have the states run the exchanges through their insurance departments. If they need help covering expenses, the Feds can reinsure, once they’re sure there isn’t any fraud, waste and abuse. I’ve seen some state portals, and they’re pretty slick.
  6. Allow portability. If a business or an individual moves across state lines, the insurance stays the same for the business and for the individual. Health insurance is rerated, just as it is on your car or corporate fleet, based on experience.
  7. Tort reform, in that most damages are capped at $250,000 for medical and pain and suffering. On the other hand, cases like a friend of mine who was paralyzed after being hit by a teenage driver, can’t be capped, because she probably needs $250,000 of care a year. So a special panel to adjudicate cases like this needs to be established if not already done through insurance companies.
  8. A cap on personal expenditures on healthcare insurance of 7% of net income, tax deductible, on insurance expenses. Beyond that, the state or the feds backstop the cost, so you can cover everyone who wants coverage.

So, Donald, after you do TAX CUTS get the grimblers in HHS going on this, working with Brother Ryan in the House and Brother McConnell in the Senate. And even the Freedom Caucus and anyone else who wants in, such as NFIB. Whatever happened to the Price Plan? Work the research and comment process and let’s have it done before Nov. 2018, otherwise you’re all dead figuratively.

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While fans and producers of the show may have been disappointed

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Turn the PS3 on and navigate to the “Settings” tab

Next, select “System Update” and then select “Update via Storage Media.” A message will confirm “Version 3.55 jb Found.” Select “OK” and then select “Yes” to accept the terms and conditions. The PS3 console will update and shut down automatically.

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The neurolinguistic programming (NLP) technique is also used for entering data or giving instructions to computers. This is again a technology that proves to be helpful for blind persons. It is one of the useful forms of assistive technology for students with physical disabilities..

She seemed uncomfortable when he put his arm around her.fake oakleys So when he tried to kiss her, one of the bar managers said, you think you getting a little aggressive Cheap NBA Jerseys there? The bartenders checked with the woman while he was in the bathroom. She said she not really interested but didn know how to get out of the situation, according to the manager.

Given WWE is in the business of producing live entertainment which doesn’t scale easily, a good TV deal would offer substantial valuation upside to the company while amplifying brand awareness and driving traffic to the live events. Because WWE scripts content, numerous opportunities exist in additional narrative development via digital platforms focusing on specific character points of view (POVs). The key execution question centers on the method and partner in delivery of this content.

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Irving Berlin once said

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This stage can begin as soon as you are able and can last several weeks

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I would rather spend time with my hubby than to have him hole away in the basement

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Free running This oakley sunglasses outlet is nike outlet Mulberry

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Travis, call Alan

There was an article in the LA Times about how messed up Uber is (not uncommon for a founder-led company), and how Travis Kalanick, the founder is ‘looking for help’, which almost sounded like a psych break was imminent.

I got a thought:

Travis should hire Alan Mullaly to turn around Uber, solve the leadership problems and generally get Uber to straighten up and fly right.

To wit:  Uber’s customer service line even rings busy with no call queue. Their main line is also perpetually busy, again with no call queue and no personalized answering. These are not great customer-facing moves, Travis. (We are presumptous to think WE might be able to help too, but we’re old fashioned and like to talk to someone first).

As you all may recall, Alan led a stellar turnaround of Ford Motor in the middle of the financial crisis.

Now, Alan can be reached through Google (he’s on their board), which happens to be close by in the San Francisco area.

So, Travis, what do you think?

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Our .02 on the Healthcare Muddle

Well, it’s hard to tell what’s going on, because the MSM won’t give out the straight story and the bill won’t come up on my IPhone 7 (must be a communist plot).

Our concern is that businesses be able to offer workers who want it health care insurance that is no more than 7% of their take home pay, because that’s where the deduction is capped. Spending over 7% of your cash flow on healthcare is nuts, so there.

Probably 20% of our clients don’t carry company paid health insurance, partly because of Obamacare (we advised them to ignore the law, and no one got caught), and partly because many of them get coverage through spouses.

We think that anyone, even those with preexisting conditions (one of our clients has three cancer survivors on his payroll for example) should be able to get insurance. It’s about humanity, folks.

We think folks should be able to carry health insurance with them if they change jobs, because a lot of people stay in jobs they don’t like because they don’t want to lose health care insurance. The President should just tell the Dimms to sit down and shut up, so the Senate can get to 60 votes to add this provision. Little Chuckie, as the leader of the Dimms should show some leadership for a change.

Another provision that needs to be in the law from the get go is the tax credit; businesses get one, so individuals should, too. This provision could be important to the entrepreneurial community as those lone wolves of entrepreneuring start out on their journey.

So, like Betsy McCaughey, I’m sure we’ll have more to say on the subject.

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