If You’re A Struggling Startup, Call Us!

In the Wall Street Journal of today, there was an article about how the struggles of startups are detracting from overall US growth.

Our local Phoenix Business Journal had a similar comment from a venture capital head.

Well, our School, the American School of Entrepreneurship, was founded on the idea of helping startups stay on track as they grow.

We’ve never had a failure among companies that have taken our courses or sought our counsel. Not too bad.

So, if you’d like to call us, the number is 1-800-716-9626.

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Why Trumponics Works

I’m listening to the Donald talk to a crowd in Fletcher, NC and he’s repeating the usual litany of tax cuts and such to revive American business. I thought I’d take out my economics 101 text and provide a few thoughts:

  1. If you cut tax rates on average from 35% to 15%, that’s almost a 2/3 reduction. Now, businessemen will pay some of this to themselves, but most of it will the reinvested in plant and equipment. Right now, the only way businesses have of reducing taxes is to invest in depreciable assets, which is good, but it misses the labor part of the equation.
  2. It’s been said that American workers can compete with anyone in the world, given some productivity improvements, so here’s the chance. Economists say it would work.
  3. On trade, we have to level the playing field, and Mexico and China have to reduce their tariffs on admitting American exports. This is Trump’s negotiating point….you reduce your tariffs to our import levels (currently about 3%) and all is good. NAFTA hasn’t really worked to do the reduction that it promised, and the TPP as written doesn’t deliver, either. Both have to be renegotiated so they’re fair. This is what Donald means (he can be a little obtuse at times).
  4. Clearly, hiring will pick up, and the baristas making $8.05 and hour will have a shot at better wages. Should free up the labor markets, and get rid of underemployment, which is a big problem (no one really knows how big).

So, give the Donald your support and encourage your friends and associates to do so.

If you want to discuss policies more,  give us a call at 1-800-716-9626,

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Is Your Business Concept Broad Enough?

In this morning’s Wall Street Journal, there was an article about Ford rethinking of itself as a transportation services company rather than a car company, which is good thinking.

Now Ford just needs to buy a bus or railcar manufacturer to cover all its bases. People will continue to live in cities, and they’ll use urban transit systems, not just cars.

I got to thinking that a lot of businesses think of themselves narrowly, just the business than they are in right now, or have been in for some time. They don’t think about adjacencies for their business, things or services they could provide with the same assets and people as they now have.

So, what about you? Could or should you talk to your existing customers about new things you could do for them?

Are there new businesses that you could enter with your existing personnel?

Think about it.

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Trump and the Bimbo Eruption

Well, no one ever said the Clinton Dirt Machine couldn’t throw a Hail Mary in the form of the bimbos that were conveniently trotted out this week to derail Trump.

This is nominally only a business related topic because the Donald is, like it or not, the business candidate. Hilary is the more government candidate.

We take the Donald at his word, because if the ladies really had anything on him (no pun intented), there have been  sexual harassement laws for about the last 30 years that they could have used to shake him down. And Gloria Allred would be front and center with a class action lawsuit representing most of the bimbos against Donald. Instead, they magically appear sort of individually at the 11th hour as it appears that Herself might lose.

Actually, courtesy of Julian Assange, who must not have given the Clintons enough money, we do have a rather serious security breach being Chinese water tortured out on Herself and her minions. Delicious.

It’s also clear that NBC sat on the tape of Billy Bush and the Donald conversing in rather vulgar language about some female attributes. We know NBC is run by a bunch of lefties (one of whom was a classmate of mine), so no favors can be expected from that quarter. If you’ve ever been in a locker room, the language fits right in.

Plus, we have defended some of our clients, in a much more modest way, from bimbo eruptions. Women are attracted to men with money and power, simple as that.  Despite what Peggy Noonan says.

We don’t happen to think the majority of Americans are deplorables, but it’s clear that about 25% of the Hillary voters might be…..easily led, believe anything they see on the MSM and some web sites.

So, let’s not derail our economy further…let’s put brother Trump in and see what happens. If he doesn’t make it, let’s organize, in the best British tradition, the loyal opposition, led by the Donald and the Republicans. Give Hillary fits.

What the hell do we have to lose?

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No on on 205 and 206?

These are two propositions on the Arizona ballot this November that legalize marijuana sales (although through licensed facilities, which are regulated)…. and raise the state minimum wage to $10.10 per hour from $8.05.

All the business press and many of the local pundits have said that one should vote ‘no’ on marijuana and the minimum wage increases, but they’ve all failed to plan for what happens if they pass.

If marijuana is legalized, then businesses are going to have to have drug tests as part of their prescreening, which is currently not entirely legal. There’s a question about legality, because it used to be legal to test for drugs and alcohol, as long as you disclosed to the applicant that he/she was going to be tested. Worked well.

The minimum wage is on the ballot, as is marijuana legalization because we have citizen initiatives, which means if you can get signatures from 250,000 registered voters for your idea, it can get on the ballot.

Who among our younger voters wouldn’t vote for these props, consequences be damned?That’s the problem.

Push is likely to come to shove. We are in uncharted territory, because it’s not clear that the legislature can modify citizen initiatives. If one or both of the props pass

The minimum wage initiative is likely to either bend cost curves or restrict hiring. We think the latter. Among my clients, they start experienced people around $11 per hour, and they don’t want to pay some know-nothing $10.10 to start, because it will upset the workers they’ve already got.

I guess we’ll find out.

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OK, so Trump lost $900 million plus in 1995, and carried his loss forward. He kept his people working.

No big deal. Most people in business have had a bad year, and carried the loss forward. The tax laws are, in many ways, designed to encourage risk-taking.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and many others have had losses of this magnitude. They all came back, and clearly, Donald has, too.

So, media, suck it up. Wonder what Hillary will say. She’s never met a payroll of much consequence.

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Do You Have A Company Culture?

You might be reading all the articles on company culture that have appeared lately and wonder, ‘what’s MY company culture’?

Yes, you have one, and it’s based on a bunch of things, that you can observe:

  1. Do I have people who have a passion for their work, or are they just hanging around?
  2. Do they have a drive to excel and learn new things about their job?
  3. Do they understand what your business is and your goals for the business?
  4. Do they know where they stand with you? Have they had a performance review lately, either formally, or just talking in your office?
  5. Would you say that you do all of the above behaviors, or are you asking people to do things you don’t do?

So, take a look at these four things this week and see where you are. If you’re not there, the good news is that you can fix it over time.

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Donald and Hillary

OK, so now Donald knows what to expect. We expect him to attack Herself much more vigorously….he’s got enough material for the next two debates if the moderators cooperate and don’t ask Hillary softball questions.

There’s one point that everyone got wrong, we thing: the effects of a tax cut. Donald should remember this from Wharton, but it’s been a while. And they all missed what happened when Reagan cut the hell out of taxes:

  1. There will be a drop in tax receipts for a couple of years, until business growth catches up, and then receipts will increase. So, yeah, the deficit will increase for a couple of years. I’d be surprised if Donald can’t cut 10% out of federal spending. We see a balanced budget in 5 years.
  2. We can’t see a drop in employment at all….except at the federal govt level, maybe. Businesses will hire some more folks, having kept more money; businesses won’t relocate to England and Ireland because there won’t be a tax advantage to do so.  Even Ford might stay home.
  3. All the corps with offshore retained earnings will be able to bring them home (NO taxes), which should help investment, which should help employment.

So, let’s try to get the economics right, everybody.

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Donald, Dinesh and Hillary HooHah

This is a business blog, and a small business blog at that, but the big faceoff tonight deserves some comment.

Right on cue, mainstream media has been unrelentingly negative on their treatment of the Donald. Wall Street Journal, MSN.com, AOL. Many articles just don’t square with the facts, or the facts are buried in paragragh five, as in a weekend piece the Journal did on Donald’s loans from his father; THEY WERE ALL PAID BACK WITH INTEREST, but that’s in paragraph five. Donald is probusiness, in all way shapes and forms. A little fuzzy on trade, maybe, but it’ll shake out.

Everybody in the media misses the one thing Donald is about: leadership. Imagine him working on Putin over Syria. It’s easy to see him doing the negotiations personally. It’s not clear to us now why we even need to be involved in Syria. Obama already screwed up Iraq, and it might come back, so let’s put our marbles with the Kurds and with Israel. Besides, we invested a lot in the place. Domestically, leading again: lower taxes for business, cuts in spending, been tried successfully before by Reagan. Good blueprint, we think.

If you haven’t read Dinesh D’Sousa’s book ‘Hillary’s America’, you should. If you’ve read it, you’d never vote for her, or the Democrats. We don’t understand how anyone with her record could have the chutzpah to even contemplate running for President. Not likely, but she could be indicted while in office, be forced  to resign and we have Harvey Korman’s lookalike running the country. Scary scenario.

And, finally, there’s Herself, Hillary Hoohah. She says she’s probusiness, and did put out a probusiness tax plan about a month ago, but she lies about everything, so who can trust her? Again, if you read D’Souza’s book, you wouldn’t vote for her anything above dogcatcher. Sleaze would reign supreme. Herself wouldn’t get much done, because there’d be a Republican congress. Four more years of bickering.

So, let’s get ready to rumble. I call Donald in the third, Hillary on her corner stool.

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Bravo Soros (sort of)

The Wall Street Journal had an article by George Soros entitled ‘Why I’m Inventing $500 Million in Migrants’ today, and it’s sort of interesting.

No, Soros didn’t promise to pay $500 million in resettlement costs. After the usual blather about the benefits of immigration, in para 5 of the article is the meat: He actually says he’s going to invest $500 million in refugee and migrant startup businesses.


All the investments will be owned by his non-profit, which we think is called Opportunity Fund. Profits will go to the Open Society Foundations.

We’ll match George, and donate our class fees at the American School of Entrepreneurship(www.theasoe.com). The $99 fee for four startup courses (the A’ones)  will be waived if a student can prove that he/she is an immigrant to the US or a migrant/refugee from somewhere, e.g., Syria. A visa number and date of granting is all we need, and we’ll instruct our webmaster to open up the access to the site.

And, if an immigrant/refugee has an ongoing business, we’ll offer four free courses on the ‘E” side of the School.

We like to see everyone succeed, regardless of where they’re from, and we do hope that other investors match Soros.

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